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A gift from the City of Woodland

a Traffic Garden

There is a wonderful surprise - a gift from the City of Woodland that you absolutely must see at Ferns Park in Woodland.

The Bike Campaign is currently working on bringing together City leaders ALL ON BIKES, to a very special CYCLE-BRATION & dedication of this new facility. Invitation list will include: City Manager, Mayor Rich Lansburgh/City Council, Superintendent of Parks/Wesley Schroeder & crew, WJUSD Superintendent Pritchard, WJUSD Board of Trustees, Traffic/Engineering, Woodland Police Dept., YCHealth Department, Foy’s riders and more.

This idea originated last Summer on a bicycling tour where in Copenhagen we visited a well loved and used "Trafik Pladsen” a Traffic Garden. Apparently these parks are popular throughout Europe. We took lots of photos and shared them with City of Woodland Parks Superintendent Wesley Schroeder along with lots of photos and this amazing article/video of Seattle’s traffic playpark (cost about $100,000) Real street signs are being installed soon. - - - - All at no additional cost to the City or citizens.

The Bike Campaign’s ultimate goal is to eliminate car traffic/congestion/chaos in front of every school, making it inviting and safe for kids and families to walk and ride to schools. The Bike Campaign is working hard to meet this need ~ we need your help too!

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