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A Surprising Meme That Illustrates the Key to Safe Streets

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Strong Towns is an international movement that’s dedicated to making communities across the United States and Canada financially strong and resilient. In a recent article, 2 Photos Reveal Why the Key to Slowing Traffic is Street Design, Not Speed Limits, Strong Towns shared a meme created by planner Wes Craiglow of Conway, AR, and shared on social media by the "Transportation Psychologist," Bryan Jones.

The key to slowing traffic is street design, not speed limits - meme created by Wes Craiglow of Conway, AR

"We can't regulate our way to safety. We must design our streets to be safe... . Look again at the two photos. Imagine yourself behind the wheel of a car on each street. On which street would you drive faster? On which street would you exercise more caution?"


The article continues, "Generally speaking, as depicted by the lower photo, narrower travel lanes, shorter block lengths, and a tree canopy, all contribute to drivers traveling more slowly. Conversely, wide lanes, long block lengths, and open skies, as seen in the upper photo, communicate to drivers that higher speeds are appropriate.”

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