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Bike Party Davis

is back!

Bike Party Davis is a monthly ride on the final Friday of the month, which happens to be this coming Friday, March 26th! In recognition of some recent trends, some fortunate and others sadly not, Bike Party Davis is uniting this month under the motivation of “Back and Better, Together.”

The details: meets at 7PM, rides at 7:30PM. We ask that YOU WEAR A MASK, you have lights, you bring a bike (in good repair), and you bring a respectful and welcoming attitude ready to PARTY. We ride for about 90 minutes, averaging roughly 10 mph, with a stop midway to dance, socialize responsibly, and relax in the evening hour.

We meet at Farmer’s Market plaza. Look for us on the northside of the awning, adjacent to Solidarity Space Davis, which we wholly support.

Bike Party Davis is about making bicycling fun and inclusive to everybody. We are disgusted by the acts of violence and division seen recently, and over our shared history. We see bicycles as a tool that makes the world a better place, bettered by the community that can be built by bicycles and bicycling. Follow us on Facebook at

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