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Bike Tip of the Week—Helmets

By Maria Contreras Tebbutt

After our most recent article appeared in local papers/media about "Riding a Bike During Covid 19", a retired RN & doctor wrote to tell me how dissappointed that we didn't specifically promote the use of helmets in the article (even though our two photos included riders wearing helmets). Here's what you need to know.

1) Wearing a properly fitted helmet and riding on the correct side of the street gets you more respect from drivers (than not wearing a helmet while riding on the wrong side of the street).

2) Everyone under the age of 18 is required to wear a helmet. Everyone over the age of 18 is encouraged to do so. We all fall down some time and you can break bones in your body, but you don't want to crack your coconut.

3) Make sure that your helmet fits correctly (plenty "How to fit a bike helmet” info on-line). If it's sitting on the back of your head like a yarmulke, it's not going to protect your brains. If you can't see your helmet when you look up - it's not working. If your helmet easily slides back on your head when it's clipped, it needs to be adjusted.

The Bike Campaign has NEW quality helmets available from $20-$30. The only real difference between a $20 helmet and a $200 helmet is $180. Contact Maria at to purchase your helmet or for more information

Check out for interesting articles/photos/information about the biking lifestyle.

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