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Biking Confidence



We're so fortunate here in Yolo County, where there are many resources for learning how to ride in traffic. For example, The Bike Campaign (TBC) regularly holds Bike Clinics at apartment complexes and schools, and hosts Bike Rodeos at grammar schools for the kids to practice their skills. If you are interested in either of these things--or, in private bicycle coaching--contact Maria at The Bike Campaign and get rollin'.

Davis Resident Iben Wilson

The Bike Campaign is delighted to welcome Davis Realtor® Iben Wilson to our blogosphere. Since she was 10-years-old, Iben has loved Davis's bicycling culture, and her enthusiasm continues to grow. She actively showcases Davis Bike Culture to her clients and looks at our biking ways as one of the greatest draws to living in Davis. Recently, Iben took part in the City of Davis's Biking with Confidence class, with extra bikes provided by JUMP.

"Even though I have been biking for most of my life, it was good to be reminded of the rules of the road. One rule that came as big surprise to several of the longtime bike riders, is that drivers making a right hand turn are required by the California Vehicle Code to merge into the bike lane at the dashed line. Bikes continuing straight ahead should pass on the left side of the turning cars to reduce the likelihood of a collision."


The City of Davis's Biking with Confidence Class

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