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Biking trip around Zeland

(Denmark’s largest island)

Our 2nd biking trip around Zeland (Denmark’s largest island) is starting out great! Here are three photos to give you a flavor of what we say today:

Here is Mr. Cycle Chic—can you believe he’s riding a bicycle? We stopped at a bakery (I cannot resist passing one up) and had a nice chat with this handsome, fit, blue eyed dude. His outfit and backpack were totally coordinated with his “chopper”. He’s on his way to Koge for a swim in the ocean. That’s his beach chair hanging from the right handlebar.

We asked at our hotel (Comwell) about the well-known Solstice celebration. Both ladies at the front desk knew zero about this big celebration Kind of like asking someone at a San Francisco gas station for directions (don’t live in the area and may not speak English). So we rode to the marina where we found hundreds of people eating, swimming and enjoying a beautiful day at the beach in anticipation of the bonfire/witch lighting. A beautiful location that we missed when we were in this city last week.

And here’s one more—to show yet another form of transportation that we discovered along the way.

Love and hugs to you all.


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