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Kilis, Turkey, Wants Every Child to Experience a Bicycle

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Photograph Above: Kilis Belediye

This boy earned his bicycle by getting a relative who smokes to quit, getting good grades and improving in one area they have trouble with, and promising to ride for an hour each day.

Photograph: Paul Benjamin Osterlund

"Kilis, a border city that doubled in size with an influx of refugees fleeing the Syrian civil war, has given away thousands of free bikes, The Guardian reports. And its mayor would like to give away thousands more. To earn their bike, children are asked to do three things: get a relative who smokes to quit, get good grades while improving in one area they have trouble with, and promise to ride for an hour a day."


According to The Guardian, the city has:

  • distributed more than 4,000 bicycles to children, with a target of 15,000.
  • built a 4-mile protected cycle lane lined with flowers. 
  • aims to build a 20-mile network of bike lanes throughout the city, including one along its main shopping street, Cumhuriyet Avenue, in an attempt to break the dominance of cars and motorcycles.
  • much more!
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