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Nix the Parental Overkill

Taking Risks Builds Joyful, Independent Kids

"As parents, we’ll do whatever we can to keep our kids safe. We don’t want anyone to get hurt or lost, especially considering our kids don’t even seem to understand what the words 'Be careful' mean ... But research says there are benefits to parents getting out of the way and letting kids manage risky outdoor play on their own."


"Risky play" refers to where there are perceived elements of danger.(According to ScaryMommy, "Risky play is safer than we think it is.") But risky play--such as riding bikes, rough-and-tumble play, learning to build fires, and more--can help your children develop social skills, creativity and resilience, and build self-esteem.

Drive less. Bike more. THE BIKE CAMPAIGN. For more information, explore this website,, or email Director Maria Conteras Tebbutt at

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