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Nugget Market a Clean Air Champ

By Yolo Solano Air Quality Management District

As one of Yolo County's newest Bike Friendly Businesses, Nugget Market was a shoe-in for September's Clean Air Champion of the Month.

"Sustainability was a driving factor for Nugget Market to become bike-friendly," said Shea Robinson, Sustainability Coordinator for Nugget Market. "We’re committed to being leaders of sustainability in our industry with a focus on environmental stewardship, social responsibility and economic vitality. Part of this focus is the health of our associates (through physical activity) and of our environment (through clean air)."
Nugget's first challenge was finding the right bike rack. "It all starts with the right bike rack in front of your store," said Robinson. "The enthusiasm for biking and community events around biking come later." Since they've installed bikes racks at their Covell Boulevard location, Nugget has learned how many different ways there are to be bike-friendly. Improvements include educating both staff and customers on how to properly pack groceries for a bike ride home, providing incentives to associates to choose biking instead of driving, and co-hosting the Ice Cream Ride and Loopalooza with The Bike Campaign.
"We are constantly working to improve our guests' and associates' experience," said Robinson. She added that they are already having conversation about how to promote alternative modes of transportation at other Nugget Market locations.

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